Areas of Use

A TEKNOFOG solution for every need

Our professionals can advise on the most suitable Teknofog model for your needs from our wide range.


With a discreet Teknofog device your possessions will be safe when you're not at home. When the alarm is activated, the police or your private security firm will arrive well before the fog clears, and you can even watch on your laptop as the intruders run out of your house.


Puts an immediate stop to any theft or vandalism attempts on cash points and ATMs.


A dense barrier of fog conceals all the goods on display in your shop from the view of thieves.

Tobacconists and amusement arcades

These are the outlets most often targetted - the perpetrators will lose all interest where Teknofog is used in conjunction with an audible warning. Deterrent devices are best situated externally.

Service stations

The Teknofog fog cannon system gives criminals no time to act. All they can do is run away.


Be assured of complete security against any kind of intrusion for very little outlay.


Developed for security professionals

Teknofog carries the prestigious IMQ/A security certification awarded to products that have passed the strict compliance test with current standards, including the manufacturing process.


Only certified products are guaranteed effective in terms of safety and conformity with the latest technical regulations.

TeknoFog Made in Italy

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Made in EU

Teknofog products all carry the IMQ guarantee, so you can be assured of their reliability; they also contribute to the Made in EU image through innovation and research, in a sector where the assurance of quality is paramount.

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Remote Maintenance
  • Manufactured entirely in EU
  • Warranty available up to 5 years
  • Company certificate of IMQ conformity
  • Remote management (also via wi-fi)
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